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Max Kahn ELEANOR COEN - Born October 21, 1916 - July 9, 2010

Illinois State University
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Old Town Art Center, Chicago
San Miguel de Allende Summer School, Mexico
Oxbow Summer School of Art, SAIC, Michigan
Early Photos

Eleanor Coen in her teens

Eleanor Coen

Eleanor Coen with her work
Eleanor Coen Teen Years
Eleanor Coen 1930's

Postcard from Coney 1942

Judas - for Sale, 80 Pesos

Coney Acapulco

Eleanor Coen and Luba in Acapulco 1940's

Eleanor Coen & Max Kahn in Guadalajara 1942
Mexico Early 1940's
Eleanor Coen, Pablo O'Higgins & Plasterers stand in front of Eleanor's 1942 Mural in San Miguel de Allende

Eleanor Coen

Eleanor making a Puppet, Saugatuck

Eleanor Coen, teaching at Ox-Bow
Summer School in Saugatuck, SIAC
Coney & Max Kahn Saugatuck

Eleanor Coen



Eleanor Coen, A Windy Day in Chicago, August 1946
Eleanor, Max, Katie and Noah in Chicago Studio 1954